Discover the Most Remote Corners of Kamchatka

Kamchatka Discovery is a truly heliski adventure, for those who want to explore deep into the vast wilderness of Kamchatka, and ski in most remote and seldom visited areas. 60,000 square kilometres of Kamchatka mountains are open for you in this package. Not just first descents, but also a mind-blowing scenery and unique cultural experience.

Depending on weather and snow conditions, we have two options - Kamchatka South Discovery or Kamchatka North Discovery. Each direction is unique in its own way and believe us, once you done Kamchatka Discovery programme in one direction, you will want to see the other.

Highlights of Kamchatka South Discovery:
  • Skiing the most southern volcanoes of peninsula.
  • Scenery of Kurile Lake, the largest spawning of red salmon in Eurasia.
  • Skiing and scenery of Ksudach volcano caldera made of 1907 eruption, one of the largest ever recorded in Kamchatka.
  • Koshelev volcano, who consists of 4 stratovolcanoes and has one of the largest volcanic thermal fields in Kamchatka.
  • Khodutka volcano, and river with the same name, with about 20 hot volcanic springs heating up the whole river. Not just a hot pool but a hot river!
  • Heliski on the North Kuril Islands, one of the most rarely visited heliski destinations in the world. The place where volcanoes meet Pacific Ocean and panoramic views are simply breathtaking.
Highlights of Kamchatka North Discovery:
  • Heliskiing in the Kluchevskaya volcanic group area with nine 3000- and 4000-metres active volcanoes. The main volcano of the area is Kluchevskaya Sopka - the highest active volcano in Europe and Asia. Just imagine, the volume of volcanic rocks at this site exceeds the volume of volcanic rocks in all the Japanese islands.
  • Some of volcanoes in Kluchevskaya volcanic group are active and erupting regularly. So there is a chance to see volcanic eruption in full picture.
  • Meet the reindeer herders, the indigenous people of Koryak North whose way of life has remained the same for many generations.
  • The glacier-capped Alney-Chashakondzha complex, one of the largest volcanoes of the Sredinny Range, consists of two large stratovolcanoes.
  • Ichinskaya Sopka volcano and endless mountains of Sredinny Range, where only few skiers left their tracks.
  • And the lists above are just small part of what you will see and ski, small part of your Kamchatka Discovery experience.

And the lists above are just small part of what you will see and ski, small part of your Kamchatka Discovery experience.

Group Size

10 guests and 3 guides per helicopter.
On the terrain group will be split by two small, with 5 guests and 1 guide.

Flight Hours

10 flight hours are included.

Arrival day

Arriving to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport in the morning. 30 minutes transfer to heliport, then 30 minutes flight to the lodge. Once in the lodge, meet and greet, lunch, guest and safety briefings, relaxing in hot springs and dinner. Safety briefing includes reviewing of avalanche and helicopter safety protocols.

What do we do in a rare case when the weather does not allow us to fly in to the lodge? We accommodate you in a 3- or 4-stars hotel close to the heliport, and do all the standard procedure. If the weather improves the same day, we fly in. Or we do it the next day; we start with heliskiing along the way, so follow the standard programme.

Days 2-6

Heliskiing days - depends on weather, snow conditions and other factors, we choose the direction (unless you choose it in advance) and objects to ski. No permit from weather to fly far? No worries, you simply take our classic exploratory programme, skiing and snowboarding most amazing runs in close proximity, but once weather allows we start for Kamchatka exploration. Due to long distances and to be able to stay longer in chosen areas, we may spend 1-2 nights out of the lodge, in nice hotels on south or north of Kamchatka. And once we are back to the lodge, you will relax and enjoy lounging in the hot springs, classic Russian Banya session, different kinds of massage or yoga/stretching class followed by delicious dinner and evening chatting by the fireplace.

Departure day

This morning, after a good breakfast we load the luggage and take a 30 minutes flight to heliport, then transfer to the Petropavlovsk airport, where guests can take a flight to Moscow or other cities of Russia.

If we suspect bad weather on departure day, we may depart the evening before, and accommodate you in the 3- or 4-stars hotel close to the airport.

Dates and price

DATES 2021:

dates of arriving to Petropavlovsk and departure from


March 14-21
March 21-28
March 28 - April 04


April 04-11
April 11-18
April 18-25
April 25 - May 02


May 02-09
May 09-16
May 16-23
May 23-30
May 30 - June 06


June 06-13

DATES 2022:

Dates of arriving to Petropavlovsk and departure from


March 13-20
March 20-27
March 27 - April 03


April 03-10
April 10-17
April 17-24
April 24 - May 01


May 01-08
May 08-15
May 15-22
May 22-29
May 29 - June 05


June 05-12

Price: 9 600 € / per person.

Group discounts available, contact us for details.


  • 6 possible days of heliskiing with private helicopter.
  • 10 hours of helicopter flight time per group.
  • Experienced and internationally certified heliski guides.
  • 7 nights’ accommodation in Timonovsky Heliski Lodge (double occupancy). Single rooms are available for extra cost.
  • Accommodation and meals in the other hotels where we may spend 1-2 nights staying closer to our ski objects.
  • Full use of Lodge Spa facilities (massage is an extra cost).
  • Daily Yoga class for enthusiasts.
  • All meals in Timonovsky Heliski Lodge (breakfast, mountain lunch, aprés ski snacks, dinner).
  • All ground transportation.
  • Helicopter transfer from Petropavlovsk airport to the lodge and back.
  • Safety equipment: transceiver, probe, shovel, and avalanche backpack.


  • International and domestic airfares
  • Personal insurance
  • Wine and spirits
  • Personal expenses (massage, lodge shop etc)
  • Activities beside the programme, except skitouring.
  • Single rooms supplement - detailed info.
  • Extra flight hours - 490 Euro per flight hour per person, in group of 10.