Skiing in Summer in the Northern hemisphere? Yes, of course! Kamchatka is one of the snowiest places in the world, and at the end of winter (i.e. end of May) there is still up to 5-6m of snow in some places. With an average of 3m snow depth at 300-500m altitude, and a cool start to the summer, Kamchatka has perfect conditions for corn skiing until mid-July.

It's hard to believe, but have a look at our pictures; they are all taken in June and early July. Besides, is the best time to conquer the highest Kamchatka volcanoes, as the snow starts improving at altitudes above 3000m and skiing from the tops of big volcanoes becomes easier. At the same time, the sun is bright and very warm, the scenery is still amazing and skiing is easy. Trust us, it will be the best start to your summer! Basic areas for summer skiing are the northern and southern groups of volcanoes. See our Expeditions section for the other destinations.